What Is Shared Hosting?

what is shared hosting

Shared hosting is a hosting which is divided for many users in a single server. Shared hosting allows clients to have an inexpensive hosting service.

To make it simple and easy to understand, for example, one of the servers has the capacity of 500 GB then that capacity will be divided for multiple accounts depending on the decision of the hosting provider, adjusted with the cost of server maintenance etc.

Let’s say that 500 GB is divided into 2000 accounts, that means 500.000/2000 = 250 MB, so every hosting provider that has a 500 GB server capacity can sell it to 2000 consumer with each users getting 250 MB of storage capacity.

500GB = 500.000MB. 1GB=1000MB.

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Terms and Condition of Shared Hosting Usage

Image by mohamed_hassan – Pixabay

When buying hosting, many may not know that when buying shared hosting, there are many terms and conditions of use that must be known. Let us say that the most common reason for that ignorance is because they are too lazy to read or find the link to terms and conditions on a website of the hosting provider.

Why do I write this article, because I want to emphasize as I mentioned above that when a buyer makes a purchase of a shared hosting they like to ignore the terms and condition because they are being too lazy to read. I am sure there are still many who do not know the terms and condition of their shared hosting.

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Bounce Rate Definition

website bounce rateBounce rate can be defined as when a website visitor bounce / leave the website that they visit. Bounce rate is closely related to website quality.

Quoted from google support page that A bounce is a single-page session on your site. In Analytics, a bounce is calculated specifically as a session that triggers only a single request to the Analytics server, such as when a user opens a single page on your site and then exits without triggering any other requests to the Analytics server during that session. Continue reading “Bounce Rate Definition”

Knowing The Details Of Hosting Usage

Every hosting that we have whether it is shared hosting, VPS, Dedicate hosting or even Colocation, it must’ve had some limitation just like when we buy a hard disk for PC or laptop.  Even shared hosting that offers unlimited capacity actually has some real limit to it.

Then how can we know exactly the detail of hosting capacity that we have through Linux based Cpanel hosting?

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Solve Mixed Content Https in WordPress

How to solve mixed content Https in WordPress for Cloudfare user is very easy. You don’t need to check each link that doesn’t have Https applied, you can just install the default Cloudflare plugin. Then, activate The Automatic HTTPS Rewrites.

How to solve Https mixed content using cloudflare plugin

Mixed content can cause a website with Https to not show the green lock icon in the browser address. That can be caused by the presence of an absolute link or a link that directly use Http.

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How To Buy G Suite or Google Apps

How to Buy G Suite or also known as Google Apps

Hot to buy g suite is really easy and besides being really easy to buy it is also cheap and has good quality. I mean, who doesn’t recognize this google product.

G Suite or before known as Google Apps is a collaboration of Google products which is; Gmail, Calendar, Hangout, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, and Google Sites.

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How To Fix Oops Something Went Wrong Error

How to fix Oops something went wrong error and we couldn’t process your request in WHMCS

Oops, something went wrong and we couldn’t process your request error can happen on some occasion like in an application. But this time we’ll discuss how to fix Oops something went wrong and we couldn’t process your request error in WHMCS

An error can happen after logging in or after running a command in WHMCS. In my experience, an error happens when running Import TLD and price using RC & LB Tools module from resellerclub-mods.com

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Free Resellerclub WHMCS Module

Free Resellerclub WHMCS module

Free Resellerclub WHMCS module – WHMCS is a billing system for managing billing, activation, creation, suspension, deletion, report etc. especially for hosting provider. WHMCS is very effective and can assist admin rather than doing all of writing and execution manually.

You can read more information about WHMCS here: List of the best Hosting billing system.

Resellerclub is a company that provides hosting and other related stuff who also give a reseller system to anyone who wants to sell hosting without having to own any infrastructure. Continue reading “Free Resellerclub WHMCS Module”

Which One Is Top Quality Hosting?

Top Quality Hosting In Indonesia And Other Countries

I won’t mention the best hosting provider one by one. Because, every hosting provider will claim that they are the best.

This time I would like to give my opinions on why a hosting provider can be said as a top quality hosting. There are a couple of important points that I consider after 10 years of being in the domain and hosting world.

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