Solve Mixed Content Https in WordPress

How to solve mixed content Https in WordPress for Cloudfare user is very easy. You don’t need to check each link that doesn’t have Https applied, you can just install the default Cloudflare plugin. Then, activate The Automatic HTTPS Rewrites.

How to solve Https mixed content using cloudflare plugin

Mixed content can cause a website with Https to not show the green lock icon in the browser address. That can be caused by the presence of an absolute link or a link that directly use Http.

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How To Buy G Suite or Google Apps

How to Buy G Suite or also known as Google Apps

Hot to buy g suite is really easy and besides being really easy to buy it is also cheap and has good quality. I mean, who doesn’t recognize this google product.

G Suite or before known as Google Apps is a collaboration of Google products which is; Gmail, Calendar, Hangout, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, and Google Sites.

The advantage of having G Suite is that you can use your domain name for your email address, i.e but still log in from Gmail. Besides that storage capacity that is nothing like free Gmail. And also many other advantages. Continue reading “How To Buy G Suite or Google Apps”

How To Fix Oops Something Went Wrong Error

How to fix Oops something went wrong error and we couldn’t process your request in WHMCS

Oops, something went wrong and we couldn’t process your request error can happen on some occasion like in an application. But this time we’ll discuss how to fix Oops something went wrong and we couldn’t process your request error in WHMCS

An error can happen after logging in or after running a command in WHMCS. In my experience, an error happens when running Import TLD and price using RC & LB Tools module from

The purpose for importing, of course, to update the newest domain price in WHMCS billing to adjust it to prices in Resellerclub. Continue reading “How To Fix Oops Something Went Wrong Error”

Free Resellerclub WHMCS Module

Free Resellerclub WHMCS module

Free Resellerclub WHMCS module – WHMCS is a billing system for managing billing, activation, creation, suspension, deletion, report etc. especially for hosting provider. WHMCS is very effective and can assist admin rather than doing all of writing and execution manually.

You can read more information about WHMCS here: List of the best Hosting billing system.

Resellerclub is a company that provides hosting and other related stuff who also give a reseller system to anyone who wants to sell hosting without having to own any infrastructure. Continue reading “Free Resellerclub WHMCS Module”

Which One Is Top Quality Hosting?

Top Quality Hosting In Indonesia And Other Countries

I won’t mention the best hosting provider one by one. Because, every hosting provider will claim that they are the best.

This time I would like to give my opinions on why a hosting provider can be said as a top quality hosting. There are a couple of important points that I consider after 10 years of being in the domain and hosting world.

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How To Install Live Chat In Website

Choosing Live Chat and How To Install Live Chat In Website

What do you need from having a live chat? of course how to install live chat in website is a fulfillment on your web hosting services. But, it’s not limited only for web hosting requirements. The point is, we use live chat to serve directly(lively) prospective buyers.

Before we go straight into how to install live chat in website, first let’s talk about live chat a little.

There is free and paid version of Live chat, but mostly great Live chat comes with some payment. Free paid version often cut some available feature, well except an open source one.

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Price of Cheap WordPress Hosting Packages

Wordpress logo
Wordperss Logo, Image by – Pixabay

Best Cheap WordPress Hosting

Cheap wordpress hosting packages we will discuss this time. Why is it cheap? because it is related to specifications that are divided into several types of packages. From low to high specifications, because that makes the price of wordpress hosting cheaper.

But before discussing cheap wordpress hosting packages, first know what wordpress hosting is. WordPress hosting is a type of hosting specifically for wordpress, so it’s only for wordpress. And hosting specifically for wordpress is a type of paid hosting.

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List of the Best Billing Hosting Systems

List of the Best Billing Hosting

Make sure you have the best hosting billing system. Because the billing system is an important part and has a big role in the smoothness and accuracy of each transaction.

Especially in web hosting will be very draining if all bills, notifications, activations, extensions, reports etc. are done manually. What’s more if the number of accounts and clients is very large.

The web hosting billing system is quite a lot and here is the best hosting billing system that has been tried according to personal experience.

I deliberately did not write the price, because it could be when you read this article the price has changed. Please look at the website of each billing system provider. Continue reading “List of the Best Billing Hosting Systems”

WordPress Can’t Send Email

How to overcome WordPress can’t send email

Register email ids notification
Register email ids notification

Have you ever experienced not being able to reset the wordpress admin password or WordPress can’t send email. Cannot reset the wordpress admin password, a message usually appears, “Email could not be sent. Possible: your server disables mail () functionality.”

Other cases, for example, cannot submit forms such as Contact Form 7 etc. This is because now some hosting providers do not allow sending emails using php mail (). Continue reading “WordPress Can’t Send Email”

Hosting Unlimited Bandwidth or Unlimited Space ?

Choose Hosting Unlimited Bandwidth or Unlimited Space
Choosing between having to buy unlimited space hosting or unlimited hosting bandwidth can determine. Especially in terms of efficiency related to the number of visitors and storage capacity.

When buying hosting, you must have planned what the hosting is used for and how big the development is. We take the example of the hosting used to build an ecommerce website, blog, news site, streaming or government site etc. Continue reading “Hosting Unlimited Bandwidth or Unlimited Space ?”