How To Make A Website Part 1

Before creating a website, first we need to understand types of website first. To make it easier to understand, let’s do this the simplest way possible. Not a definition and types of website for a paper assignment but website definition so you can practice directly.

Notice that creating a website can not be done by just reading or watching a tutorial for once, then suddenly you are able to create websites. But it needs practice over and over and always keep trying.

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Protect Bandwith with Hotlink Protection

Laptop protection
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Website owner may not realise if their bandwith usage is not only used by them, but there ara other people who use it without the website owner knowing about it.

How could this happen? I’ll give you an example, in a website there are a couple of images. That images are used and displayed in another website without downloading the images first.

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What Is Server Hosting?

Server hosting
Server hosting – Image by heladodementa – Pixabay

Server hosting is a service place where you store file which can be accessed through the internet. File that has been stored in the server hosting can be multiple type of files, like document, audio, video, image or program file like in a website.

Analogically, server hosting is a plot of land where a shop stands, and that shop is a website and the shop name is a domain name.

Server hosting consists of combined servers and is usually owned by the server hosting provider company which later on that hosting would be rented so can be used by either an individual or a corporation.

There are a couple server hosting service types, most commonly used is:

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How To Forward E-Mail In Cpanel

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E-mail forwarder is one of the features which is provided in Cpanel hosting to forward existing e-mail in hosting to another e-mail, whether it is an e-mail from the internal hosting itself or from the external.

With the e-mail forwarder, you can backup e-mails because every e-mail that goes into the main e-mail are automatically sent to the forwarded e-mail destination

Steps on how to forward e-mail in Cpanel hosting are pretty easy.

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How To Create E-mail On Your Own Hosting


create e-mail in your own hosting

E-mail in your own hosting means that having an e-mail using your own domain name. For example, if your domain name is then you can create or many other domain names as you will.

Not only limited to just creating our own unique e-mail name but having an e-mail in your own hosting can also do more things.  For example, you can determine how big that e-mail capacity would have, based on the owned hosting capacity

These are the steps to create an e-mail in your own hosting.

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What is Cpanel Hosting

home page of cPanel Hosting

Do you want to have web hosting? take a look at what you first need to know on how to managed web hosting which will be bought or already owned.

Hosting server that is most used by users are hosting with a Linux OS and managed through an app which most of the time would be cPanel.

So what is cPanel hosting? it is an app system to make it easier for hosting owner to manage all needs, whether it’s hosting that is used to create websites, hosting that is used just as a tool to send and received e-mails, even a hosting that is used only for file storage, etc.

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What Is Shared Hosting?

what is shared hosting

Shared hosting is a hosting which is divided for many users in a single server. Shared hosting allows clients to have an inexpensive hosting service.

To make it simple and easy to understand, for example, one of the servers has the capacity of 500 GB then that capacity will be divided for multiple accounts depending on the decision of the hosting provider, adjusted with the cost of server maintenance etc.

Let’s say that 500 GB is divided into 2000 accounts, that means 500.000/2000 = 250 MB, so every hosting provider that has a 500 GB server capacity can sell it to 2000 consumer with each users getting 250 MB of storage capacity.

500GB = 500.000MB. 1GB=1000MB.

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Terms and Condition of Shared Hosting Usage

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When buying hosting, many may not know that when buying shared hosting, there are many terms and conditions of use that must be known. Let us say that the most common reason for that ignorance is because they are too lazy to read or find the link to terms and conditions on a website of the hosting provider.

Why do I write this article, because I want to emphasize as I mentioned above that when a buyer makes a purchase of a shared hosting they like to ignore the terms and condition because they are being too lazy to read. I am sure there are still many who do not know the terms and condition of their shared hosting.

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Bounce Rate Definition

website bounce rateBounce rate can be defined as when a website visitor bounce / leave the website that they visit. Bounce rate is closely related to website quality.

Quoted from google support page that A bounce is a single-page session on your site. In Analytics, a bounce is calculated specifically as a session that triggers only a single request to the Analytics server, such as when a user opens a single page on your site and then exits without triggering any other requests to the Analytics server during that session. Continue reading “Bounce Rate Definition”